Jubilee Project Management Consultants is a customized engineering services & solutions company servicing clients across a range of engineering segments helping improve their efficiency, support their global footprint and improve their competitiveness.

Our consistent attention to the key deliverables of client satisfaction, timeliness, accuracy and a clear perspective of nurturing long-term relationships have ensured that we have satisfied clients across the globe. Our high integrity levels, multi-cultural mindset and dedication to use all necessary resources to meet our commitments differentiate us from other engineering services providers.

We provide design, consulting and inspection services. We are very well conversant in the latest industry trends, global standards, emerging technologies and government codes and customs requirements.

We provide superior client services through honest discussions of the design and construction processes. Our clients have access to the partners and the engineers, each an expert in a particular field, and also knowledgeable in all disciplines to best respond to any query.

Engineering Quality

We strive towards attaining high quality standards in all the work that we do. We believe that quality is of prime importance for the success of any business. For us, Quality is an attitude, a culture, a way of life and a way of working. Thus there is great amount of thought put into every project, however small or large it may be.
Apart from the “Quality Processes”, we set-up a “Project & Quality Audit” group that has the responsibility to ensure that work methodology and processes for each project are satisfactorily followed and the work output for each project adheres to the defined statement and the scope of work for the project.

To be among the leading best-value service provider to the world delivering engineering & related products and services resulting in efficiency and reliability for our customers, pride for our employees, high returns for our investors, and energy efficiency for our planet.

  • Our positive attitude, teamwork, humility, and shared determination to build a large, professionally-managed firm shall be the driving force behind our success.
  • We will be ethical, cost-conscious, open, and respectful in all our dealings and will be committed to doing quality work.
  • All our associates will learn to be a good leader, both in thought & business and will be receptive to new ideas and information.
  • We shall value & build long term relationships and will be resourceful in meeting all commitments & challenges.


SANJAY JAIN (Founder, Chairman & Managing Director)

SANJAY JAIN is one of the founders of Jubilee Project Management Consultants and has over three decades of experience in international trading & manufacturing industry in overseas including United States of America. He has worked in various capacities in technical, marketing, sales, and management functions prior to founding Jubilee Project Management Consultants

S C DEB SARKAR (Director)

S C DEB SARKAR is one of the Directors of Jubilee Project Management Consultants and has over 20 years of experience in commercial, regulatory matters and Quality control. His experience includes Quality Control Certification, Laboratory testing function for major products, raw materials & equipments while at a leading Quality Control & Inspection Company in India as well as overseas areas in Middle East prior to joining Jubilee Project Management Consultants

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.